Benefits of Certification for Working as a Medical Examiner

Governments oversee countless certifications, labels, naming conventions, and other titles as part of upholding regulations for the countless industries that go on in their respective necks of the woods. These certifications range from Certified Public Accountant (CPA), the doling out of which are overseen by each of the 50 states, to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME), a designation that physicians who the government approves as medical examiners receive.

Many people want to become physicians. Whether a physician is a family doctor, gynecologist, or cardiovascular surgeon who specializes in state-of-the-art open-heart surgeries, they’re all revered by friends, family, peers, and community members. The pay is great, especially here in the United States, though the benefits aren’t too shabby either… especially not for medical examiners. Why else might someone want to become certified by the NRCME to work as a medical examiner? Let’s find out.

You Can Help Catch The Nation’s Worst Criminals

Murder, rape, and torture are arguably the three worst crimes humans can commit. In the position of medical examiner, physicians can help catch the nation’s gnarliest, most dastardly, stone-cold criminals.

They Receive Government Benefits – They’re Great

Millions of Americans have worked for private and public companies alike for decades, qualified for great retirement pay, then lose their post-retirement benefits because those companies went out of business and declared bankruptcy. No matter how successful a business is, there’s always a chance of business entities acting in such a manner. The same can’t be said for the United States government. Medical examiners receive great benefits outside of retirement, though knowing that an employer’s promise to pay former employees throughout retirement will always stay intact is something special.

Medical Examiners Are Their Own Tier Of Doctors

Government agencies like the Department of Transportation (DOT) hire medical examiners and employ them for life. On average, they’re paid between $100,000 and $250,000. Further, for example, all of the 18-wheeler drivers in the nation have to get certified by the DOT’s medical examiners every two years in order to drive here in the United States. NRCME-certified medical examiners are fortunate enough to go around every day with such prestige in their souls.

Physicians thinking about becoming medical examiners for the United States Department of Transportation should first look into how to get dot certified. The federal government’s benefits are invaluable, working as a medical examiner is enjoyable, and full of prestige.