Bet Your Bottom Dollar on this Winner

Don’t look now, but Dollar General is beating the competition like a speed skater going for the gold in the Winter Olympics.  They’re opening stores across America faster than many well-known chains are closing theirs, and every time you see one, there’s a big old help wanted sign on the door.  Clearly, they’re invested in America, and want you to come along for the ride.

That’s why they are offering such low prices on all the items your family will need to fully enjoy all the holidays, parties, and Valentine’s Day celebrations.  Without spending a whole lot of money, you can easily host all your friends for the Super Bowl party, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, President’s Day or Pancake Tuesday.  Any occasion you can name will be made better with party supplies from Dollar General.  There is one more thing you’ll love about the store and that’s the savings you can realize when you use a dollar general coupon from Groupon to save money on the things you buy.  Not only will you save 70% off select merchandise, if you spend just $40, your items will ship free. So, put your feet up and let the folks at Dollar General walk the aisles for you this month.

Whether you need sweets for your soiree, goodies for ya girls, toys for your tots or a heart shaped box of chocolates for your lover, Dollar General can supply all those things and more.  Lawn and garden, home décor, cleaning supplies and staple commodities are all in one place, for your convenience, and the prices are low to make it easy on your wallet.  Don’t get ripped off by spending your hard-earned money on inferior products at the corner store, shop the store that respects your dollars, and your time.  From their well-lit, clean and organized shelves to the friendly staff eager to make sure you find what you’re looking for, Dollar General is continuing to offer the great service and selection they’ve been known for over the past decades.  Shop them now and you’ll understand why they continue to thrive and build more stores while others close their doors