Help Through Transition

When you’re coming out of rehab and starting your life in a sober living situation, there are some tips to keep in mind so that you can choose the best home for your needs. Talk to your counselors and the other professionals who have helped in your recovery at the rehab center to find get information about a transitional house in Washington DC. These are people who will be able to point you in the right direction as to the best places that can help with staying sober that can also make it feel like you are at a home.

The location should be one of the things that you consider when choosing a transitional house. Although you might want to be close to your family and friends, it’s sometimes better to heal in a location where you can focus on your health instead. The location you choose should be one where you feel safe and where you have the easiest access to the support that you need. There should be a positive living environment no matter where you’re going so that you can receive the help that will allow you to function in society once you’re done with your rehab services.

Take a trip to the home to talk to the people who work there and the people who live there. View some of the rooms to see if they would be safe to stay and to see whether they have the features that you enjoy. Look around the facility to find out what programs are offered that will help with your rehab, such as recreational therapy or group counseling sessions. Learn about the rules of the house and whether you have to be inside at a certain time. You also need to find out about visitation schedules in case your family wants to come to see you while you’re in transition.