The Issue of Pain Management

The issue of pain management has evolved greatly in recent years. Years ago, people were expected to simply endure pain and get on with their lives as best they could, even if they had to live with chronic pain. In the old western style films, a shot of whiskey was usually all a doctor could offer a patient for pain relief during surgery. Thankfully, today we have evolved a long way from those rather primitive styles of treatment, but the advent of over-medicating patients with migraine treatment jacksonville fl Opiod drugs (like Oxycontin) for pain relief in recent years has given the medical community pause.

The Opioid Epidemic

When Oxycontin came on the market in the 90s, it was seen as a safe cure-all for pain, with minimal side effects. The stark reality, however, is that the overuse of this drug for pain relief has lead to an addiction crisis in communities all over the US. All of this is why today many physicians are seeking other types of treatment for chronic pain.

New Treatments For Migraines

One type of chronic pain that can be very debilitating is the pain of migraine headaches.
The seriousness of migraine pain has lead to to migraine treatment jacksonville fl and other cities where people come in seeking some kind of relief from their terrible pain. Today doctors in these centers are using different types of treatment, from Botox injections to medical marijuana to treat migraines, as these cures have been proven effective and they are non-addictive.

No one wants to see people suffering from terrible pain, yet the danger of addiction is a real concern, as far as pain relief via Opioid drugs is concerned. The good news is that today, with greater awareness of these dangers, safer means of pain treatment are coming into view, with more being developed every day.